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Respond to customers at the speed of business. Make changes to processes based on customer feedback. Invent, Test, Delight!

Who said large enterprises have to be slow? Business is moving and moving fast. Let's respond, let's be a party to the success. To do so, we need configurations and the ability to change quickly. Kinetic Data products are designed for that kind of thinking.

The reality is - you can work at many companies. But wouldn't it be great to help your current organization? To go home and tell the family about accomplishments rather than negatives? Well, to do so requires a bit of planning - but lay the foundation and great things follow.

So - we are doing great things, but new challenges are on the way. What’s your approach to business process automation? What’s the next step? Regardless, what you want is the ability to try, learn, fix (repeat). Kinetic Data is designed for that -- let’s roll!!!

We are hitting our marks - great. But we want to do better, we want to make a difference. Your vision, your passion is realized - when Kinetic Data is on your team.

Freedom to move about the company.

ERM (Enterprise Request Management) We drive processes - for the enterprise, across the enterprise. Kinetic Products go straight to the horse's mouth. Whether the data is in HR or inventory or supplier databases - we design our systems to use "federated data" - which means you are using the most up-to-date information to drive your business.

HR systems hold key employee information. HR wants tight controls on that data. Let’s let them have that control yet use the pieces we need. By only pulling the information needed, when needed, HR can rest that their data is secure.

Do you want to make a full copy of your inventory data? Didn't think so. So we designed our Enterprise Request Management (ERM) software to pull the right data from the right system at the right time - this drives the right decisions.

Suppliers are people too :) Kinetic Data helps you to optimize those relationships and link supplier systems to work hand in hand with your systems - creating a "kumbaya" like you have never seen before.

Internal services, external services - we can help everyone. Kinetic Data's ability to scale allows you to solve a problem today and position yourself to solve problems tomorrow, too. All business areas are fair game once Kinetic Data is in town.

Mobile? You Betcha!

Built for the web, tweaked for mobile. Kinetic Data is usable on all your devices.

Go Web.

Designed to be easy to use, no training required. Web is the key to quick delivery and easy usage. Kinetic Data has it nailed. Any browser, any time - we’re there at your service.

Go Mobile.

Turns out, we are not always at our desks. However, that doesn't matter - we’re always just a finger-tap away from requesting something, approving something, or marking something as complete. Kinetic Data is there, in your pocket.

Ready, Fire, Aim.

We build our workflow automation software to move. You never get your process right the first time; it is constantly evolving. Kinetic Data products are set up so you can do, learn, fix (repeat).


A great way to stop progress is to chase perfection. Instead, lets just start. We can improve later.


OK - so we started and we are doing. Now what? Kinetic Data products are configuration-based, so let's tweak and try again. Are we better or are we worse?


We are better - keep the change. We are worse - abandon the change. This is the agile approach to request management. This is progress.

Deliver it
"the way"
they want it.

  • HR
  • Facilities
  • Customer Support
  • Executives
  • Sales
  • Administration
  • Suppliers
  • Customers
  • Research & Development R&D
  • Legal
  • Marketing
  • Food Services
  • International
  • Division Support
  • Medical
  • Corporate Archives

Each group has its needs. If we want to help - we need to tailor - and tailor we will do.  

Make the (internal or external) customer happy.

If you build it - they will come. Especially if it is helpful, informative and quick. Kinetic Data is there to provide that framework. You can deliver service that you are proud of -- that would be a great thing. Go forth and conquer!!!

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We're ready to help you help your customers. Friendly, knowledgable people are standing by.



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