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Forms & Portals


Code alt Low Code

With Kinetic, forms are built with our Drag & Drop designer which can meet any use case. Simple to complex, the Kinetic Form Builder was designed for citizen and seasoned developers alike.

Devices Mobile Friendly

Delivering an excellent digital experience means meeting users on their preferred device. Rest assured, Kinetic works out-of-the-box with all major devices.

Eye partial Fully Customizable

Build a portal you can be proud of. With Kinetic, you get full access to what's under the hood. Use your own HTML/CSS/JS to brand and build to your requirements, not ours.

Workflow & Automation

Mechanic Visual Design

Process people like process diagrams... so why not give them what they want! With Kinetic, make your process come to life with our powerful, extendable workflow engine.

Recycle Reusable

With Kinetic, you're never starting from scratch. Clone existing workflows and tweak as needed over time.

Scale Scalable

Kinetic was built for the enterprise. Whether you are running 10 or 10,000 processes, Kinetic can handle the load.


Integrations Galore

Task integration

Popular Integrations

  • Active Directory The defacto authentication tool of most teams.
  • SalesForce Simple and Strong. Most people want to trust the integrity and availability of this data.
  • Amazon Who runs the world? Girls. But amazon hosts their stuff.
  • Google Build docs from any data source.
  • BMC Remedy Integrate and extend its value beyond IT to HR, facilities, finance, and across the enterprise
  • ServiceNow Every system of record needs a black box.
  • Sharepoint Spend less money on intranet management and more revenue.
  • Exchange As it turns out, email and meetings make up the majority of all knowledge work.
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Powerful Features

The Kinetic Platform is built on modern, web-scale technology that has been battle tested by some of the worlds largest organizations.

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API First

Kinetic was built to be extended. Everything you can do in Kinetic can be done via our API's allowing for rapid development, automation and continuous integration.


Mobile Friendly

Delivering an excellent digital experience means meeting users on their preferred device. Rest assured, Kinetic works out-of-the-box with all major devices.

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Kinetic is built so you can leverage and maximize your investment. Install once and create many different use cases. Service Providers can safely load many customer solutions into a single Kinetic system.


Distributed Management

As applications get large, you need different kinds of managers: process managers, data managers, application managers. Kinetic allows for specific security settings so you can safely and securely distribute management.

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Single Sign On

No matter the standard: (Oauth, x509, CAC, SAML for example) Kinetic can be configured to work with it - so your users feel right at home.

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The Kinetic Platform was built to be extended so you can get the exact solution that meets your business need.

Pre-built solutions

Get started with the Kinetic Platform using one of our pre-built solutions. Common, bulletproof, robust processes used by the world's most respected companies are available. Take them and make them yours with configuration or customize the forms and workflow to your specific requirements.

Service Portal

Unleash self-service at your organization.

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Tech Bar

Deliver in-person service that gets people back on track.

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Streamline onboarding of employees, vendors or customers.

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Customer Stories

We take pride in the relationships we’ve made and the value we’ve provided. But don’t take our word for it:

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Bock and Associates

“One of the best things I love about kinops is that it gives me peace of mind...”

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“We had several tools we were looking at - as a matter of fact we already had one in-house. A tool that was designed for provisioning, but due to it’s inflexibility on the front end and an inability to go grab data from other systems - I was able to talk them out of using it - AND it cost a lot more than Kinetic did.”

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“So we thought: ‘as integratable as Kinetic is, could we take self-service and run it through predictive analytics and then determine category and assignment on the backend?’ So that’s kind of what ended up happening.”

Deployment Options


kinops is a fully hosted version of the Kinetic Platform. Get all the latest Kinetic has to offer without the hassle of managing infrastructure.

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A dockerized version of the Kinetic Platform. Allows developers to get a Kinetic environment running in a matter of minutes.

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On Prem

Enterprise customers can install Kinetic into their own datacenters to meet unique business needs. Contact us to learn more.

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