Workflow Automation at Scale

We help agencies and organizations answer thorny, constraint-riddled workflow problems with confidence. With low-code and pro-code capabilities – plus a portfolio of platform components – only Kinetic Data helps you conquer complexity challenges to further your mission.

Build, Iterate and

Workflows evolve. Easily copy, modify and experiment without losing the integrity of in-flight actions.

Accelerate Data Collection

Highly flexible, logic-driven forms capture the right data for the job, and it’s done with high integrity.

Workflows the Way You Work

Forget the rigid, old ways. Build modern workflows to align with your organization’s processes. Every time.

Quickly Integrate Anything

Extend your existing systems of record with Kinetic’s pre-built library that offers hundreds of integrations.

Unique Blend of Framework with Flexibility

We excel at automating human-centric interactions for high volume, complex, compliant-minded enterprises.
We do this through a unique set of modules designed for your business process optimization. See how we do it with our Use Case examples.

The eight components which comprise the Kinetic Platform


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