The Future of Digital Processes & DD 2875 Form (SAAR Form)

System Authorization Access Request (SAAR) form (DoD Form 2875)

What is the DD 2875 Form?

The DD 2875, also known as the System Authorization Access Request (SAAR) form, is a general form used by multiple branches of the United States Armed Forces. The form is used to request authorization for access to sensitive information and systems in order to complete various tasks. As of July 2022, DISA has updated and released a new edition of the 2875, announced here.

Its Purpose & Usage in the Military

The purpose of the DD 2875 form is to provide an effective way for organizations within all branches of the US military to manage access requests with minimal effort, including:

  • Army
  • Air Force
  • Navy
  • Marine Corps
  • Coast Guard
  • National Guard
  • Space Force
  • Reserves

In its purest sense, the form is designed to capture essential information regarding the requestor, the system/information to be accessed, and the access rights that are required. War fighters submit their 2875 via paper, GEARS or even some version of a home-grown solution.

Unfortunately, as we’ll soon see, it’s often anything but easy to complete.

How the DD 2875 Benefits the Branches of the Military

The DD 2875 offers a number of benefits across all branches of the military. Firstly, it simplifies authorization processes and reduces administrative burden by providing standard form information and semi-automated approval flows.

Critically, it helps to ensure only authorized personnel have access to sensitive information or systems within a branch, while also helping with compliance requirements related to auditing and security. The form approval process in theory also enables users to quickly review requests before granting access, thereby reducing potential risks associated with unauthorized access. But, that’s not the case 100% of the time.

How We Transform System Authorization Access Request (SAAR) Forms into an Automated Experience

Kinetic Data makes it easy to streamline the process of submitting and approving DD 2875 access requests. Our platform is designed with flexibility in mind – allowing branches to tailor their workflows and processes to fit their specific needs.

One major difference with Kinetic Data is limiting what information is required and visible, based on the different roles users may play. For example, a new war fighter who is unfamiliar with the process may be confused by the information request or unable to answer the question. Little to no help or guidance is offered. As a result, we often hear these kinds of requests are difficult to fill out or complete.

Another difference is standardizing the inputs. “Last name, first name, middle name” on one form with “last name, first name, first initial middle name” is problematic for data administrators and approvers. With the Kinetic solution, these data integrity issues disappear.

Third, with the Kinetic 2875 solution, automated alerts and notifications are sent based on rules and logic, not sticky notes and having to remember. Plus, system notifications remove the hierarchy issues associated with reminders and follow ups to higher rank officers.

And last, we offer a no-name user license model so scalability and usage risks are removed as branches and agencies scale up their usage of the platform.

Improve Your Digital Processes with DD 2875 Forms from Kinetic Data

The DD 2875 form is a valuable, required tool for all levels across all branches of the US military. In addition to significantly reducing paperwork, the SAAR form provides more automation with fewer errors. And it’s how routine work becomes less painful.

Contact Kinetic Data to learn how our easy-to-use platform helps streamline the process of submitting and approving access requests for your organization.