Kinetic Data Use Cases

Kinetic Data Use Cases

The Kinetic Platform is the perfect fit for workflow processes with these key characteristics:

  • High volume (1,000s of requests/month or more)
  • Complex
  • Compliant-minded

Kinetic Data is the business process orchestration platform that integrates with all major systems of record, identity solutions and homegrown applications where consolidation and rationalization is growing in need.

The Test of Time… and Experience

For over 20 years, we’ve poured all our learnings into our software. As a result, we’ve solved the pains of agencies and organizations they don’t know they have… until they have them.

Trust Kinetic Data to deliver vast industry expertise that solves the problems most every large enterprise faces:

  • In-flight workflow versioning
  • On-the-fly data transformation and manipulating in between workflow steps
  • Complex error handling and routing of errors to tools for automated or manual resolution
  • Integrates with any system without being held back by the vendor’s next release update
  • Full control of the UI/UX within the end-user experience to solve an accessibility issue
  • Dynamic security policies based on functions and variables (not just roles and groups)
  • The flexibility to work seamlessly within your existing CI/CD process

Use Cases

Read our use cases to learn out how Kinetic Data helps government agencies and enterprise organizations modernize processes, deliver faster responses and more.

Federal Agencies

Learn more about how Kinetic Data provided built-for-mission apps in our use cases designed for United States Federal agencies.

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DD 2875 Automation

The Kinetic methodology for workflow automation identifies which agency processes are ripe for digital transformation improvements.

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