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Hi, guys, my name is Wally. All I wanted was a tablet, that should be easy to get right? Well, I put an order in with purchasing, then I took it to financial for approval, submitted it to it, but that was like it went into a black hole.

Each department has their own system for this stuff. So getting anything done takes so much effort. And then my boss shows up and he’s like, Do you know how much time and money you’re wasting and he’s right? Our inefficient convoluted system is keeping me from being able to do my actual job.

This is nuts man at my old company, we just use can kinops. You know, kinops from kinetic data. It’s one of those systems that helps you make a system that was the day my life changed forever.

See, I pushed for us to install Ken ops, just like the new guy said, Can Ops is a way to connect all of our departments. So requests can be handled more efficiently no matter which systems any of them use. All I had to do to get my tablet was submit the request once.

Everything after that is automated. So the request gets to the right people at the right times knows what the system keeps me updated. So I never have to worry about where my request is at.

What’s great is once I stopped babysitting requests and started doing my actual job, and the boss took notice, he was all like our efficiency is through the roof and look at how much money we’re saving. And all the people from the support group were all like I can finally get a file restored from the server and onboarding people is no longer a nightmare and I can finally get that stapler I desperately need.

Needless to say, I got promoted, which is pretty awesome. Can ops was the key to making our business run more efficiently which made everyone’s life better





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