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Nordstrom is a leading nationwide fashion retailer known for its commitment to outstanding customer service and technological innovation. In 2012, the company launched an initiative to improve the delivery of IT services to its internal customers Nordstrom employees.

Unfortunately, the software originally chosen for the self service portal proved to be cumbersome, confusing and time consuming to use, not just for employees, but for it as well. So Nordstrom turned to enterprise request management software from kinetic data.

The improvement in the user experience and speed of service fulfillment was swift and dramatic.

It only took 90 days for Nordstrom to recreate all of its service request forms, which had taken nearly 18 months to build previously, employees are thrilled with the kinetic request portal while it loves the speed of creating new services as well as the ability to automate back end approvals and scheduling with the kinetic task Automation Engine.

Kinetic data’s ERM software is a perfect fit for Nordstrom. The time to create new request forms is reduced by 50%. Service fulfillment time is cut in half. And changes to forms are made in just minutes compared to an hour or more.

Thanks to the efforts of Nordstrom Service Management Group and Kinetic Data’s erm capabilities. Employees are happier and response times are faster. To top it off. The company was honored with the Rookie of the Year Award by kinetic data.

It’s really been a great experience for us. I really feel like we’ve learned a lot and we’ve been able to do a lot so really appreciate it.



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