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Welcome back to Kynapse. In this video, I’d like to talk a little bit about services and how they’re requested, and what happens after they’re requested.

So I’m starting from the main services screen here, you can see Acme services, it’s divided up into three different sections. The first at the top is a search bar that lets you search either for a name of a service, or a name of a category.

Down below, we have a list of your requested services, and the different statuses and a little bit of information about them. And then here on the right, are a list of popular services defined in the application.

And of course, for each one of these your requests and services, you can do a View All to see them. And also, you can browse by categories of all of the available services. What I’d like to show right now is just a submission and what happens after a service is submitted and what options you have.

So I’m going to click on repair. Just a very basic form here, of course, check out some of our other videos for making those a little nicer for you. So we’re going to say we want to fix the screen.

Desktop screen is broken, and it’s located in my cube, something simple to get us going here, after we submit will be taken to the specific request or submission, you can see that some background actions will be taking place that this submission was received. And in a few moments, we’ll see that a task has been created.

And over here some information about the submission, including a confirmation number that your customers can use to communicate about it. A couple of other things that are available with submissions here, we can add a comment to the submission, perhaps I have two screens. You left is broken. A little more information for the person completing this request or submission.

I can clone this, if I’d like to see a new submission. Maybe I also want to have my keyboard repaired. And I would like that as a separate submission. I can review the basic request if I’m looking at this a little later on and want to see what was done, or what I had, excuse me what I had asked to be done through the submission.

And I can always hear requests to cancel. So that just like our comment will bring up a dialog where you can provide some information on that request to cancel. Last thing I want to show you here in this video, if we look under my requests here along the breadcrumb at the top of the screen, you get a little bit different view of all of the requests that have been submitted for your user.

Looks like I have a lot that’s been repaired lately. We can see a list of all or open closed or in draft. Look at the statuses here along the right hand side. And they’re always sorted with the most recent at the top. If you have any other questions about this, please check out our online [email protected] Thank you.

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