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Schneider Electric is a global organization with more than 170,000 employees in 134 countries supplying a wide range of energy products and services committed to providing employees with a positive work experience in 2010.

It replaced a complex and costly legacy Service Request Management System with enterprise request management software from kinetic data. Schneider chose kinetic request and kinetic task not only because they leveraged its in place ITSM system, but also for the design, flexibility and easy to use portal interface.

Plus they really liked the simpler, less costly pricing model. By 2013 Schneider’s business had evolved and outgrown the system. It needed its portal to be even faster and simpler, as well as use mobile friendly responsive design to entice employees to use the web instead of the phone.

Employees experienced dramatic improvements including 50% Faster portal load times, request submission times were cut by 80%. With the new one click process using Google like search and redesign navigation, and pre populated portal displays specific to each employee on login.

The new version is so intuitive it requires no training and employees are thrilled. Chairs hopped up on the internal chat system like magnificent design, Bravo, and this is excellent.

Not only is employee experience hugely improved, but within six months, Schneider was well on the way to its goal of driving 38% more requests through its web portal, avoiding $1.4 million in service management costs. The new design reduced misrouted ITSM tickets by 54%.

Now plans are in place to translate the portal into French, German and Chinese and Schneider plans to leverage the kinetic data ERM platform to manage other parts of the business including facilities HR and copy center requests.

Today the company is scanning its global landscape to identify more ways to improve employee experience increased productivity and cut costs with ERM.



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