We help navigate the Journey from Manual to Automated Workflows

The Kinetic Automation Maturity Model (KAMM) is a workflow automation philosophy and methodology with the goal to identify which business processes are ripe for digital transformation improvements.

Kinetic Automation Maturity Model

Rather than fully automate every request fulfillment workflow, KAMM migrates every business process to the stage where it’s just the right level of automation. By reducing fulfillment time and costs, your organization will:

  • increase end user satisfaction
  • improve process visibility from start to finish
  • reduce disruption from strained sources
  • maximize fulfillment accuracy the first time
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Kinetic Data is revolutionizing how government agencies and organizations manage their workflows. By leveraging existing resources, streamlining complex tasks, and separating front-end user simplicity from back-end IT infrastructure complexity, we create solutions that make life easier for everyone involved – hundreds of agencies and enterprises have experienced powerful results!

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