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We live and breathe workflow automation.

We’ve seen workflow help many different organizations, we’d like to help you benefit too. At Kinetic Data, we aim to solve thorny challenges that limit growth and operational effectiveness.

We know a small team of dedicated “smarties” dream big but often hit constraints, whether that is a licensing model, the rigid nature of the tools in use, or the desire to build everything from scratch, each time.  Our platform hits hard on these points. 

  • We have a no name user license model. See it in more detail
  • Our platform is unopinionated by design. You’re in control.
  • We provide a development framework from which building blocks can be assembled to support unique applications at scale.

We’re honored to be among the “Best Places to Work” according to the Business Journal. It’s our amazing people who deliver on our promise of innovative software, delightful digital experiences, and exceptional service.

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Our four pillars speak volumes

(in our humble opinion)


The Kinetic Data platform can be tailored to your specific needs.


Start small, iterate quickly and scale for growth.


Integration framework built to interact with any other system.


Dedicated to your process, your pace and your timeline.

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