Consolidation 2.0

In its simplest form, Consolidation 2.0 is defined as a single experience to manage all experiences. In Kinetic’s own terms, it’s a framework for creating built-for-mission applications that focus on human-centric workflows.

A problem many large-scale companies have today is a disruptive relationship with their enterprise software suites (think ERP, CRM, ITSM, etc.). These sophisticated and massive systems of record are the lifeblood of an organization’s operations. As such, they efficiently automate and improve a variety of common business processes. But more often than not, they also include their own set of baggage: they’re complex, poorly integrated (or not integrated at all), expensive, difficult to use and worst of all, they create unnecessary silos of critical information.

Consolidation 2.0
Single Pane of Glass

What is a single pane of glass?

The common IT and management term a single pane of glass is defined as “a management console that presents data from multiple sources in a unified display.” Today’s successful agencies need a single view that can unify many systems by tying workflows and data together across the holistic tech stack.

Put simply, a single pane of glass refers to a UI- and UX-friendly, easy-to-use portal for employees and other stakeholders like contractors, vendors, suppliers or customers. These users can submit any request type without understanding how the request is routed, approved and fulfilled with an aggregated approach that incorporates a variety of enterprise platforms.

Benefits of a single pane of glass approach:

  • Improved & increased visibility
  • Reduced automation & service delivery costs
  • A more consumer-grade experience

Push-pull data integration

Within the portal, predefined workflows can be set up to automatically request the necessary approvals, push or pull information from various systems as required and then route the request through the correct channels for fulfillment. In an enterprise-level organization, the portal – or single pane of glass – becomes the nucleus for managing requests and other interactions.

Not only does it promote and sustain digital transformation efforts; it also fosters human-centric workflow automation. By bringing human, digital, and physical interactions together, a differentiated customer experience is created.

Integrate your entire tech stack

The Kinetic Platform transforms a disjointed, multi-system or multi-experience environment into a single pane of glass. It combines the best of backend as a service (BaaS) with a frontend experience that’s as unique as your business needs.

Interoperability is at the very core of Kinetic Data. We can communicate with virtually any system through the pulling and pushing of data to complete process activities. This allows data to flow freely – exactly where it needs to go – and ultimately a faster time to process completion.

Integrate your entire tech stack

A better single experience starts with Kinetic Data

Level up your boring, mundane processes with interoperability to integrate with the applications you need most. By creating applications on workflow components that match your custom needs and current process, you’re able to focus on what drives value.

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