One Experience to Manage Them All

Your system of record plays a vital role in the success of your command, agency or department. But the challenge is determining how to move data from one system to another. The process causes friction, integrations can be tricky and your users suffer the pain.

One Experience to Manage Them All
Deliver Smart Digital Experience for Employees

Deliver Smart Digital Experiences for Employees

Simplify the working world for your employees by giving them one online place – accessible anytime from any device – where they can request anything needed to do their jobs.

What are Smarter Employee Experiences?

Better service experiences are delivered by a smart service portal, a single pane of glass where employees can make any type of request. There’s no need to know who provides the product or service (finance, IT, facilities, etc.) or use different systems for different types of requests.

Employees get a consumer-grade experience. No one has to ask for help with how to use it, because it’s intuitive, clear, and simple. The smart portal presents only the information required and asks for only the data needed to fulfill the request, based on the employee’s role and need.

The Smart Portal Digital Experience

  • Reduce Downtime

    A single, simple front-end makes it fast and easy for employees to make requests, while back-end workflow automation speeds fulfillment.

  • Reduce Costs

    Streamlining both the request and fulfillment processes means employees aren’t navigating multiple systems to make different types of requests or manually following up. Requests are fulfilled more quickly and employees are kept informed of progress every step of the way. That frees up time, which saves money.

  • Support Digital Transformation

    Enterprise software suites (ERP, finance, HR, ITSM, etc.) do a great job of automating workflows that happen within those systems. A smart digital experience takes this to the next level by enabling workflow automation across systems.

  • Eliminate Fulfillment Errors

    Routing every request through the right system to the right person means requests get fulfilled quickly and accurately. Costly, time-consuming, error-prone manual touch points and the need to re-key data into different systems go away.

  • Improve Employee Engagement

    Giving employees a single place to make any type of request and get immediate answers not only makes them more productive but also happier in their jobs. They have a better, more modern interface to use and are therefore more engaging for workers.

  • Reduce Licensing Costs

    Maybe it’s time to get off SharePoint (or worse, dare we say it…Lotus Notes?). Maybe you’re using Remedy for back-end service fulfillment but you want to simplify the front-end user experience (and avoid fees). A smart employee experience can help.

  • Reduce Friction

    Employees get a single, simple request interface. Back-end fulfillment processes are automated, reducing manual tasks and saving time. Friction is reduced throughout the end-to-end process.

How Kinetic Data Can Help

With the Kinetic Platform, you can build a single, centralized employee portal to manage and fulfill any type of request from simple to complex. There’s no need to develop everything at once; you can start with a few common requests and expand capabilities incrementally over time.

Simple Interface

Make employee requests as easy as using Google. No matter what information you are searching for, you start with Google. No matter what type of requests employees have, they start with a consumer-grade Kinetic Data experience.

Embrace & Extend

We don’t replace the systems of record you already have in place. We make them work better, together. You get a higher return on the investments you’ve already made, without the expense and disruption of a rip-and-replace project.

Complement, Not Compete

When you have a workflow process where data needs to be pulled from system A and put into system B so that a task can be completed in system C – connecting multiple systems and data moves – that’s what the Kinetic Platform excels at. We combine logic (a smart portal) plus workflow (automating tasks and approvals with intelligent routing) plus integrations (mapping together complex systems) to improve the employee request experience.

Single Sign-On (SSO)

It wouldn’t be a “smarter digital experience” if employees were forced to remember yet another set of login credentials. That’s why we enable single sign-on capabilities with support for flexible authentication options (oAuth, CAC, SAML, Active Directory, etc.).

Brandable, Customizable UI

You have complete control over the look and feel of your portal, from your company logo to fonts, colors and icons. It’s your business process, your way.

Personalized Experience

A single pane of glass doesn’t mean an identical experience for every user. The Kinetic Platform includes flexible roles-based security and access management. It allows every employee to see the right information with the right capabilities, based on their identity.

Last-mile Delivery

Low-code tools inevitably box you in with their limitations. The Kinetic Platform combines low-code, drag-and-drop functionality for building workflows with pro-code capabilities to get enterprise architects that last mile, to customize and configure that last 20% for exactly what’s needed, simple or complex.

How Kinetic Data Can Help

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