Our Beliefs

  • We believe in the greatness of developers.
  • We believe that a small team of one or a few can create great solutions.
  • We believe the opinion rests with you, not us.
  • We believe ingenuity and innovation is unleashed with the right mix curiosity, trust and flexibility.
  • We believe that shadow IT is alive, well, and growing. And it can be harnessed in a positive, scalable way.
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It’s important to say what we’re not:

  • We haven’t met a complex workflow we can’t work with, but there are plenty of workflows that are too simple & straightforward for us.
  • Yes, we offer low code capabilities, but to lump us with other ‘no-code low-code’ providers makes us twinge a bit and want to sit in a different room.
  • We’re not really for small businesses today. Maybe, in the future, but for now, we frankly may be too expensive and too deep and broad for your needs today.

We Fit Well With

  • Enterprise Fortune 2000
  • Education Sector
  • Government Departments (including Military)
  • Managed Service Providers
  • Systems Integrators
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Lets have a conversation

If these statements above resonate with you, let's talk on how we can help amplify your workflow results today.