Employee Lifecycle

Employee Lifecycle

Two of the most important parts of the holistic employee lifecycle occur when a candidate turns into a new hire: employee onboarding and provisioning. Regardless of agency or department, getting ready for and setting up new hires is a high-touch, labor-intensive process.

With standard set of repeatable, easy-to-use processes, you can transition candidates into a new position quickly and get them productive faster if you can:

  • Close holes in the onboarding process
  • Routing tasks to the right systems and places
  • Increasing visibility from hiring manager to HR to IT


Large agencies need a standard set of repeatable, easy-to-use processes for transitioning new employees, contractors and other civilians into new positions quickly. The required information needs to be entered only once and then is automatically routed to the applicable departments.

With the Kinetic Platform, you’re able to create easy-to-use onboarding forms and processes that drive automation. These coordinated tasks are assigned to appropriate internal teams (e.g., HR, facilities, IT, finance) to produce a smooth onboarding experience for the new employee.

Our platform is easy to use and eliminates confusion while simplifying the form-completion process for hiring managers. It guides them through the appropriate sub-forms for the new role (e.g., system access, account request, HR forms). Our enterprise-grade integrations allow forms to be completed once and populated in various backend systems, eliminating manual data re-entry and preventing costly mistakes.

Onboarding benefits with the Kinetic Platform

  • Standardized tasks and workflows provide a compliant process that is highly repeatable across agencies.
  • Automated repetitive tasks reduce time, costs and mistakes.
  • Driving out inefficiencies makes for smarter resource decisions, improved compliance and expedited onboarding.


Often a vital but potentially haphazard process, employee provisioning is centralized request management that improves productivity, reduces costs and delights users. In order to do their job, new employees need a lot of things:


Identity, benefits add / change / remove, equipment repair.

Physical Items

Office furniture, employee awards.


Conference room reservations, training programs.

In most enterprises, however, the processes for requesting these are often inconsistent, siloed and inefficient. Employees must learn and use multiple request systems, then manually manage requests through to fulfillment. The results are wasted time, lost productivity and frustration.

Our platform gives employees a consolidated portal experience to request the things needed to do their jobs: services, products or resources. Requests can be made anytime, on any device, and employees can check the status of any open requests – no need to know which department provides which items. Full visibility to the status across dozens of tools solves a major pain for department leadership. It automates backend provisioning processes including approval, scheduling and fulfillment.

Provisioning benefits with the Kinetic Platform

  • Employees spend less time requesting the necessary items to do their jobs and more time actually doing those jobs.
  • Frustration is virtually eliminated as employee productivity levels increase.
  • Backend process automation ensures first-time fulfillment, delivery time reduction and a decrease in manual efforts and cost.

We get New Hires Productive Faster

The Kinetic Platform helps your enterprise organization:

  • Close holes in the onboarding process.
  • Route tasks to the right systems and places.
  • Increase visibility from hiring manager to HR to IT.

We help answer who should have access to what system and the coordination of tasks to enable a productive new hire on Day One.

  • Determine who needs access to which tools and systems
  • Provision them quickly and accurately with the Kinetic Platform.
  • Coordinate among departments to ensure a productive first day.

We complement existing onboarding solutions from your ATS, HRIS or stand-alone provider. They provide preboarding solutions for employee data collection items like personal information, tax and direct deposit, background screening, Form I-9 and E-Verify.  We make sure everything else on your new hire checklist is handled.

The Kinetic Platform is a great fit for agencies with:

  • Dozens of SaaS tools that need to be provisioned
  • 500 or more employees OR repetitive hiring
  • Strategic HR teams who know automation improves the new hire experience
  • People leaders who need onboarding and provisioning problems addressed, quickly & efficiently

Centralize & Coordinate Time-Consuming Tasks

When onboarding new hires, provisioning access to multiple systems is no small feat. Checklists. Emails. Follow ups. Chat messages. What does it take today to get your new hires what they need ASAP?

Imagine automating employee provisioning tasks company-wide, with visibility and transparency. It’s possible with Kinetic.

The “One-Stop Shop” Problem

New employees need access to different tools, systems and resources to do their best work. How that gets done depends on who’s responding:

  • “Add a body, and handle it that way”
  • “We do that” (every one-stop-shop system of record on the planet)

Imagine your systems sharing data, delivering a single picture of activity and never dropping a missed task again. With our robust integrations framework, the Kinetic Platform easily manages any ATS, Identity, Onboarding, HRIS or complementary system accessible via API.

Why Now?

The trends speak for themselves:

  • Growth of SaaS point solutions per company
  • Ongoing shift of the workplace to remote / hybrid
  • Changing status of full-time and part-time employees and contractors

Solving the Problem

How do you tackle the issues with determining who should get access to what? As your organization grows in size from small to major enterprise levels, a system that orchestrates the entire process is key, especially if you want:

  • Coordination of tasks across departments and systems
  • Timely information into the onboarding process to remove blockers
  • Visibility into status and where roadblocks occur

With Kinetic Data, tackle these retention challenges now:

New Hires have Start Dates

Start dates that don't move around easily. When the newest members of your company don't have the tools, the equipment or the access... well... that's when there is hell to pay.

It's about the Peeps

Making new hires feel wanted, feel part of the team and feel like their employer has their stuff together is key to their first few weeks and months. Don't let the Elephant in the room spoil their decision.

Manual Processes Suck

When was the last time a new hire came onboard without any issues? Bet that's because every step needs a reminder or a push for someone to do something. And the risk is the shouting!

Efficient. Transparent. Effective.

Onboarding, provisioning and access enablement features and benefits.

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