Spotlight on Jennifer Eakin


New Hire Announcement

We’re thrilled to announce Jennifer Eakin has joined Kinetic Data as our Training Manager. In this role, Jenn will be responsible for developing and delivering our platform training program to partners, customers and very own folks!

Every once in a while, you find a customer who simply cannot get enough of your product. When that happens, you bring them into your company as fast as you can. And that’s what happened with Jenn. A long time employee at the Fairfax County Public School system, Jenn learned and built upon the Kinetic Platform for several years and ensured her team of highly skilled developers maximized their usage and truly solved their customer problems.

I sat down with Jenn and we talked about her time at FCPS and the new role. Below is the Q&A session transcript!


Q: What attracted you to our workflow automation platform when you were a customer?

A: “When I was a customer while at FCPS, what really drew us to your workflow automation platform was its unparalleled flexibility. It offered an adaptable solution that was able to align perfectly with our unique business needs. Additionally, the cost-efficiency of the Kinetic Platform was a compelling factor. Unlike other options, it delivered superior functionality without breaking our budget. Lastly, the ability to choose between cloud-based and on-premise solutions was a significant advantage. It meant we had the freedom to select a deployment model that best suited our infrastructure and security requirements, while allowing us to easily change over time as our needs evolved. The platform was not just a tool for us – it became a critical partner in achieving our IT goals.”

Q: How did our platform change your professional life or business for the better?

A: “Adopting the Kinetic Platform transformed our org in substantial ways. First, it eradicated the limitations we previously faced. I never had to tell my internal customers that something wasn’t possible anymore. We had a solution that was robust, flexible, and capable of accommodating our most intricate requirements.

Second, it instilled a deeper sense of trust in our tools. This allowed me to shift my focus completely towards my internal customers’ requirements, rather than worrying about the platform’s capabilities. The platform became a reliable ally, enabling us to truly prioritize and cater to our customers’ needs in a way that was previously unattainable. In essence, the Kinetic Platform did more than just optimize our workflows – it brought a new level of customer-centricity to our operations.”

Q: What do you believe sets our platform apart from other workflow automation tools?

A: “One of the aspects that distinctly sets the Kinetic Platform apart from other workflow automation tools is its capacity to handle an array of tasks with unprecedented efficiency and ease. It’s not merely an ‘out of the box’ solution, it’s a platform born out of sheer imagination that stretches beyond conventional boundaries.

One value-add of the Kinetic platform apart is its seamless integration capabilities. For instance, we could take a request from a customer and swiftly transform it in Azure Active Directory. Moreover, the possibilities for integration seemed limitless. This gave us the confidence to work closely with our support partners to automate a significant amount of their tasks, freeing up their staff for other critical activities. This level of automation and integration was simply not something we had found with other providers.

In short, the Kinetic Platform didn’t just offer automation – it presented an innovative way of thinking and a flexible approach that ultimately helped us enhance our service delivery and achieve our end goals.”

Q: What is your favorite feature of our platform and why?

A: “My favorite feature of the Kinetic Platform is undoubtedly the Workflow Builder – it’s where I felt like I could truly create magic for my customers. It’s incredibly empowering to be able to map out any use case and bring it to life in the Workflow Builder, regardless of its complexity.

A prime example that comes to mind involved a specific job class at the enterprise level. This role saw high turnover and was critical to multiple processes across numerous applications. Every time an individual in this position changed sites or left, we faced the daunting task of shuffling numerous application permissions and access rights. 

Before the Kinetic Platform, this meant juggling multiple requests and approval workflows, which was a logistical nightmare. However, with the Workflow Builder, we were able to transform an intricate Excel spreadsheet of ‘if this, then this’ scenarios into a streamlined, automated workflow. Whether the employees were onboarding, changing roles, or leaving, they only needed to fill out a single form and the system handled everything else seamlessly. 

This capability was revolutionary for our organization. It didn’t just simplify processes – it worked magic, transforming disjointed tasks into one smooth, automated flow. In essence, the Workflow Builder embodies the power and potential of the Kinetic Platform, turning complex tasks into manageable, automated processes.”

Q: How do you believe our platform will continue to evolve and improve over time?

A: “One of the most encouraging aspects of the Kinetic Platform is its capacity for continual evolution. Having been a customer before joining the team, I’ve witnessed first-hand how attentively the Kinetic team listens to their customers. They are deeply committed to understanding the unique challenges and aspirations of each user, and they consistently modify and enhance the product based on that feedback. 

I am confident that the Kinetic Platform will continue to grow and improve, always staying one step ahead of the needs of its users. As we move into the future, I believe that this unwavering dedication to customer feedback and iterative improvement will ensure that the platform remains on the cutting edge of workflow automation technology. The Kinetic Platform isn’t just a static tool – it’s a dynamic solution that adapts, evolves, and improves in step with the needs of its users.”

Q: As a former customer, what unique insights do you bring to the training role?

A:  “Having been on both sides of the fence, as a customer and now as a platform trainer, I bring a unique perspective to the training role. In my previous role, I trained my colleagues on how to use the Kinetic Platform. This experience gave me valuable insights into where new users might encounter challenges or confusion, enabling me to proactively address these areas in the training process.

Furthermore, throughout my development experience with the platform, I discovered numerous tips and tricks that streamlined workflows and simplified processes. My goal as a trainer is not just to instruct users on how to use the platform, but to equip them with these practical strategies to enhance their overall experience and efficiency.

In essence, my journey from a customer to a trainer empowers me with a holistic understanding of the user experience – a perspective I aim to utilize to make training sessions engaging, informative, and tailored to the needs of each user.”

Q: How does our platform empower our partners to achieve their goals?

A:  “The Kinetic Platform goes beyond just providing a tool for our partners—it truly empowers them to deliver exceptional results for their projects. Given the platform’s remarkable flexibility, our partners can precisely tailor their workflows and applications to the exact needs and standards of their clients. This is where the true magic lies: in the hands of the delivery personnel who bring client specifications to life.

The satisfaction derived from a problem effectively solved not only strengthens the relationship between our partners and their clients, but it also significantly increases the likelihood of future projects. Essentially, the Kinetic Platform does not just facilitate task automation—it provides a means for our partners to delight their customers, foster long-lasting relationships, and pave the way for ongoing collaboration and success.”

Q: What are you most excited to teach our partners about our platform?

A:  “One aspect of the Kinetic Platform I’m especially excited to teach our partners about is building a solid foundation in the tool. Much like learning a foreign language, getting to grips with the platform’s basics is just the first step. It’s when you achieve a level of fluency, where you’re not just using the platform, but intuitively understanding it, that’s when the magic truly happens.

The moment you can focus entirely on the customer’s needs without thinking about how to translate those needs into the tool is when you’ve reached that level of fluency. It’s akin to having a conversation in a foreign language without stumbling over the words. You’re not worried about the mechanics anymore; instead, you’re fully engaged in the content of the conversation. 

As you become fluent in the platform, you can listen to a customer explain their process, and in your mind, you’re already building the form and the workflow, brainstorming ways to make it easier and faster. It’s a kind of creative fluency that can only be achieved once you have a strong foundation in the tool.

That’s what I aim to impart to our partners – the knowledge and the confidence to use the Kinetic Platform fluently, so they can focus not on the how, but on the what, the why, and the best possible solution for their customers.”

Q: Why do you believe it’s important for our partners to fully understand and utilize our platform?

A:  “It’s essential for our partners to fully understand and utilize the Kinetic Platform because this understanding is the key to delivering seamless, high-quality customer experiences. When the tool used to achieve a customer’s requirements is fully comprehended, it becomes virtually transparent. The customers can then focus solely on their needs, wants, and desires, without needing to understand the mechanics behind the solutions being offered.

For the partner or developer who is fluent with the platform, there’s no more mental energy spent during a requirements session wondering, ‘is this possible?’ or ‘how would I go about achieving that?’ They already know it’s possible, and they know how to make it happen. They can then focus entirely on understanding the customer’s needs and crafting the most effective solutions.

In essence, a thorough understanding of the platform leads to successful implementations, high post-live survey scores, and positive customer experiences. These achievements not only reinforce our reputation, but they also serve as the most compelling marketing tool we have, especially as we target high-profile sectors such as DOD and federal agencies. In the face of competition, a positive customer experience with us speaks volumes more than any marketing campaign could.”

Interested in chatting with Jenn or learning more about our Partner Program? Head over to our Partners page and let’s talk!