Kinetic Platform Form Automation

Kinetic Data’s Form Automation solution helps government agency workers & warfighters quickly and conveniently upgrade their traditional paper processes into streamlined digital workflows. Whether simple data entry or specific Military forms, Kinetic has the solution agencies need and war fighters want. 

Reducing paperwork while increasing speed, accuracy and readiness is a clear objective we get behind. And there’s plenty of examples to consider:

Eliminating tedious paperwork and minimizing errors associated with manual form-filling is a key objective for improving the military forms available today. 

Form Automation for Federal Agencies

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View the Kinetic Platform's form automation capabilities using the DD 2875 as an example.

The User Experience

Traditional paperwork, considered routine and often mundane, no longer needs to be this way. 

War fighters using technology to complete processes

With only the necessary fields to complete, submitters now only need to select relevant data for their submission, resulting in a faster process. With forms management from Kinetic Data, data entry mistakes can be a thing of the past. And when there are less errors, approvals happen faster and with greater accuracy. 

From the recipient side, a submitted digital form is now ready for action, whether manual or automated. And with the knowledge that the form has been filled out accurately and completely, less back and forth is virtually guaranteed. 

Digitizing paperwork into online forms have several advantages:

  • Increased accuracy of requests, as digital form submissions ensure documents and materials are formatted correctly before submission. It eliminates human error and the chance of rejection from incorrect formatting or document type. 
  • Faster processing times as the critical information is easily accessible from the personalized to-do work lists. Additionally, users don’t have to waste time searching for relevant materials or converting documents into a compatible format before submission.
  • Streamlined communication between submitter, approver and fulfiller with notifications that can be sent directly from the platform about status updates or new requests. This reduces back-and-forth emails or phone calls which would otherwise slow down progress towards completion. Plus, these notifications are handled automatically with pre-defined logic so the tedious and mundane are handled for you. 

Experience the improved efficiency of having a streamlined system – learn more about Kinetic Data’s Form Automation today!