Consumption pricing is better for you. We couldn’t agree more.

At Kinetic Data, our consumption-based pricing allows customers to get the best value for their budget and utilize services that are tailored to fit their individual needs. This model encourages them to find a balance between cost and service, giving them more flexibility when choosing options from us.

With this approach, clients can always remain in control of their allotted spending while getting all necessary services they need – allowing everyone an opportunity at making the most out of what’s invested with us!

Cost Value Graph Showing Value Bullseye


Paid annually

Built-in peace of mind for organizations that need a level of stability in budgeting. Fees start at a fixed price, depending on size and scope.


  • Clarity for budget-conscious
  • Scales to 5-50x ROI
  • Supports ongoing investments


Per Workflow Quantity

Pay-for-what-you-use is a stark contrast to per-user licensing. Costs go up fractionally as usage expands in a highly economically beneficial manner.


  • Pay for what you consume
  • Centralized service experiences become ingrained across the organization

Human Touch

Services as scoped or bundled

Unlock the power of planning and workflow execution. We offer expertise, network connections and reliable support along each step of the way.


  • Fractional resources
  • Focused on business processes
  • Apply best practices & ideas

The future is now.

Pay for what you use, without the pain of per-user licenses. Why pay for seats that won't be used for a year, or maybe longer. Kinetic is different, and it shows.