Navigating Post-Project Waters: How Kinetic Data Takes Support the Extra Mile

How our Hypercare approach assures post-implementation success

Navigating the post-project waters is a critical phase in any software implementation. At Kinetic Data, we understand the journey doesn’t end with the go-live date. We’re not just about short-term success; our commitment extends to building a foundation for future opportunities that can seamlessly integrate into the Kinetic Data ecosystem.

Today, we’re excited to dive into our unique Hypercare approach, an extra month of support after the project go-live, designed to ensure bugs are swiftly addressed, end users are well-trained, and value is consistently delivered.

Understanding Hypercare

Hypercare isn’t just a buzzword for us; it’s a dedicated period, typically a month, immediately following a project go-live. During this time, our clients maintain direct access to the same consultants who played a pivotal role in the project’s development.

This direct line ensures rapid bug fixes and a swift response to end-user feedback, meeting the promises outlined in our Statement of Work (SOW). Moreover, Hypercare is a dual-function powerhouse — not only does it offer immediate client support, but it also facilitates a knowledge transfer process. Our support team and end users gain valuable insights, ensuring informed and efficient support calls moving forward.

The Hypercare Experience

What can clients expect during this Hypercare window? Weekly check-ins from our dedicated Customer Success Managers ensure proactive planning, guaranteeing that potential challenges are addressed before they become roadblocks.

Clients also have direct lines to our consultants, ensuring that any bugs or outages are swiftly handled. It’s more than just support; it’s a white-glove experience coupled with invaluable knowledge transfer, ensuring our users get the most out of their Kinetic Data investment.

Knowledge Transition to Support Team

At Kinetic Data, we prioritize the smooth transfer of knowledge from our delivery team to our support team to ensure consistent success beyond project completion. Our approach involves the active involvement of the support team during the testing phase before the final deployment.

This hands-on experience allows them to become familiar with the project’s intricacies and potential challenges. During the subsequent Hypercare period, our support team collaborates closely with our consultants to address any issues or enhancements that arise. This partnership fosters a seamless exchange of expertise, empowering our support team to handle future challenges precisely and efficiently.

Benefits of Kinetic Data’s Hypercare Approach

Our Hypercare approach is a testament to our unwavering commitment to the success of our company and our customers. By extending this dedicated window after go-live, we showcase our investment in ensuring that the promised expectations are not only met but exceeded.

This commitment fosters a consistent and seamless experience from delivery to support, instilling confidence in our customers as they become more familiar with the Kinetic Data platform. Through Hypercare, customers are empowered to embrace the full potential of our platform, understanding that we are by their side every step of the way, ready to support their expansion and growth.

Ensuring Ongoing Success

At Kinetic Data, our commitment to our customers extends far beyond the completion of their projects. Beyond the Hypercare period, our dedication remains steadfast, with regular check-ins from our Customer Success team ensuring ongoing support and value delivery.

We value the feedback from our customers, using it to refine and improve our processes and offerings continuously. Together, we navigate the waters of innovation and growth, ensuring that every step of the journey is marked by our unwavering support and partnership. With Kinetic Data by their side, our customers can navigate the ever-changing technology landscape with confidence and assurance.