The Defense Innovation Unit (DIU) selects Kinetic Data

The Defense Innovation Unit (DIU) Selects Kinetic Data

Kinetic Data’s secure workflow automation platform and data ingestion capabilities will be utilized to help protect digital information for Department of Defense (DoD) personnel. The first use case on the Kinetic Platform is a purpose-built applicant tracking system for the Headquarters, Department of the Army G2 (HQDA G2) recruiting program. We will be working in close partnership with cybersecurity company Grey Market Labs to deliver on this mission.

The DIU works with DoD entities to solicit viable commercial solutions to solve their unique and complex needs. The HQDA G2 recruiting program is challenged to match open internal roles with candidates who possess appropriate skills, certifications and expertise. To do so, they’ve turned towards a portal solution that provides a secure, automated means to ingest applicant data and route that information for further processing and action. The desired solution requires nimble, agile partners with the capabilities to deliver built-for-purpose software in a secure, scalable environment.

For Kinetic, the unique applicant tracking system requires a sturdy integration approach to ingest personnel data from a variety of unclassified sources. Additionally, flexible workflow automation is key to route that data into the appropriate secure network for further processing. HQDA G2 recruiters receive background information, applicant history, certifications received and other pertinent details to make informed decisions on resources and needs.

The HQDA G2 recruiting program portal is currently in phase two of construction, with a proven track record ahead on all required interoperability confirmation steps. As such we can now deliver an AWS GovCloud-based solution that meets military standards and in the near future FedRamp guidelines for utilization across DoD entities.

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