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To drive down costs a growing number of more forward thinking manufacturers are outsourcing functions like maintenance, calibration and it to Advanced Technology Services. This has led to strong new business growth for the company.

But onboarding a new customer used to be anything but standardized. And this new level of growth was quickly becoming cost prohibitive, threatening to chip away at the very cost advantage manufacturers seek from ATS to solve the inefficient onboarding process problem, the company implemented an enterprise request management solution from Kinetic Data.

To streamline the process ATS identified common customer needs and built 22 service templates using Kinetic Request and Kinetic Task. This automated a full 80% of its onboarding workflow, resulting in extremely impressive improvements.

ATS calculates that both the time and cost to onboard a new customer has been reduced by an amazing 90%.

The company is now able to deploy a new customer onboarding portal in just a few hours instead of four to five business days. Using Kinetic Request and Kinetic Tasks for business process improvement ATS remains competitive and in a position to continue to attract a fast growing number of new cost conscious customers.

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