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Hi folks, this is Matt Howell from kinetic data. I want to thank you for stopping by our booth at the HDI conference and checking out our new solution tech bar. Each person we scanned has been entered to win a 75 inch Samsung TV in the form of a $1,500 gift card to Best Buy. We also have created a dedicated tech bar instance for each of you in our cloud environment called Kynapse.

You can use this environment to explore the tech bar solution and share it with others. By following a few simple steps, you’ll get an extra five chances of winning that TV.

Let’s go over those five steps. First, let’s log into your environment which we call a space.

Find the invitation email that was sent to you, it looks like this. Click the Login button in the email. When the screen appears, create your own password. That’s it you’re logged in. In the trial tech bar implementation, we’ve pre created a tech bar for your headquarters location called HQ tech bar.

The tech bar application supports both walk up and scheduled appointments.

For our next activity. Let’s schedule an appointment.

From the tech bar homepage, click the Schedule button. Complete the form that appears and select a date and time for your appointment.

If you use an appointment for today, you can use this event in the next activity. Click the Create Appointment button to complete the process. We’re returned to the homepage and our scheduled appointment is visible. The tech bar solution also includes fulfillment capabilities for your tech bar agents.

Let’s explore how to complete a tech bar work order. First, navigate to the fulfillment area. We call it queue. Use the drop down in the upper left corner to access the queue. Once the queue application appears, select the HQ tech bar in the team area. This displays the list of appointments, click the appointment you created in the previous activity. assign the ticket to yourself by clicking GrabIt.

Next we’ll work the issue by clicking work it mark the item complete and provide a resolution details click the blue Save button at the bottom of the pop up. You’ve now fulfilled the tech bar request. The tech bar solution includes a variety of options to support physical tech bar locations. These include check in kiosks overhead displays, as well as feedback screens.

Let’s display the appointment feedback screen and rate our service. Navigate back to the tech bar page. Using the drop down in the upper left will display the feedback screen by opening up the sidebar to the right users. This exposes additional functions, click the vertical ellipsis next to the HQ tech bar and select feedback. A new browser tab is displayed. Normal implementation would have this screen displayed on a tablet near the tech bar exit. As the user leaves the tech bar. They simply tap the happy or sad face to record their experience. Try it now.

Finally, our last activity will be to invite others to join your tech bar. They won’t have the same capabilities as you but they can at least schedule appointments. From the main tech bar page, click the gravatar in the upper right corner, choose invite others add an email address for another user in your organization.

Click the invite now button and the system will send email invitations to those users. By going through these steps, you’ve been exposed to several of the tech bar functions and given yourself far more chances to win that TV. kinetic data we’ll announce the winner on April 19. There’s much more to tech bar and we’d love to explore it with you. Watch for follow up messages in the coming days and we’ll be reaching out to you. Thanks for watching.



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