Developers vs. Log4J Vulnerability

Developers vs. Log4J Vulnerability

Web vulnerabilities and the exposure to them happen without warning. How teams respond makes all the difference. At Kinetic Data, we make security a priority.

This week we are celebrating a different type of success with a tip of the cap for the amazing development team here at Kinetic Data.

Back in December 2021, a critical vulnerability was discovered known as Log4Shell which affected many of our clients. This vulnerability abuses a feature in Apache Log4j that opens the door for attackers to steal sensitive information, control targeted systems, and slip malicious content to other users. To make matters worse, it was relatively simple to exploit Log4Shell. Beyond Kinetic Data, this vulnerability affected millions of consumer products and web applications from the majors including Amazon, Oracle, Microsoft and even Minecraft.

Fortunately, security is top of mind for us. Our development team sprung into action as soon as they became aware of the vulnerability, proactively reaching out to our clients with the up-to-the-minute information we had available to us. Our clients were given steps to avoid an attack while the team worked through various solution alternatives. Unfortunately a patch was not the answer – it required a complete overhaul which meant hours of testing and configuration changes. Our developers worked around the clock and throughout the weekend to ensure all our customers had the latest updates to address the vulnerability.

A number of our clients informed us that we were the first vendor to notify them of the vulnerability and provide solutions.  Our customers’ success begins internally and Kinetic Data strives to provide the best experience possible in all situations. We are extremely proud of our developers and the dedication each and every one of them displays for our customers and our mission.

If you have any concerns or questions about the vulnerability, please feel free to connect with our support team. We are always happy to reassure your team and set your mind at ease!