Empowering Success: How a Kinetic Data Customer Seized the Hackathon Opportunity to Streamline Data Integration

Hackathon for application integration

In the fast-paced world of technological innovation, seizing opportunities for improvement is critical to staying ahead. For one of our valued customers, GreenState Credit Union, already leveraging Kinetic Data, a recent Hackathon presented the perfect chance to expand the use of this powerful technology. 

The Challenge

The Hackathon kicked off with an open call for ideas, inviting submissions from all staff members. Ideas could stem from identified problems, exploration of new possibilities, or inefficiencies experienced with any software used across the organization.

The submission criteria included only using tools currently available to GreenState (meaning participants could not purchase new technology), and the solution had to be feasible and evaluated based on innovation, technical complexity, scalability, and impact.

GreenState Credit Union faces a common challenge in the banking industry: the need for efficient data integration into Symitar. This technology is a cornerstone of most credit union deposit/loan accounts and application processing capabilities.

Currently, GreenState must manually create all accounts in the Symitar system despite this information already being stored in multiple systems. Due to the manual involvement needed for managing accounts, the possibility of overlooking adding, transferring, or deleting accounts is a genuine concern.

Recognizing the potential of Kinetic Data integration capabilities, our GreenState team saw the Hackathon as the ideal platform to tackle this issue head-on. Sheila Cronbaugh stated:

Automated User Creation in Symitar (& other programs) has been a big want for years. We knew the Kinetic Platform had the ability, so we were happy to work to find a solution to make this a reality.”

The Solution

With a clear goal and understanding, the team turned to Kinetic Data’s robust workflow automation capabilities. To ensure seamless integration with Symitar, they opted for SymXchange, recognizing its ability to facilitate smooth data exchange within the Symitar environment.

Our GreenState Team built a case using the data already captured from their Talent Management solution to apply to other parts of the organization. Kinetic Data already orchestrates employee separation, transfers, and onboarding and creates tickets for account creation.

System administrators had raised a concern with the manual aspect of the Symitar account creation. Since the data necessary to develop these accounts already live in Kinetic Data, presenting how Kinetic Data’s powerful workflow automation translates and integrates with multiple systems earned the team the votes to move forward with their project. They will now be able to move forward with implementing this solution.

Next Steps

During the Hackathon, there were four targeted processes GreenState wanted to automate within their Symitar system. 

    1. New User Configurations: Simplifying and expediting the onboarding process for new users by automating configuration tasks, including setting up user accounts, permissions, and access rights seamlessly.
    2. Transfers/Changes: Streamlining the often complex process of employee transfers or organizational changes. Automating this workflow ensures a smooth transition of responsibilities and access permissions.
    3. Separations: Addressing the challenges associated with employee separations by automating the necessary steps, such as account deactivation and data security measures.
    4. Name Changes: Automating the process of updating user information in the case of name changes to ensure consistency across all systems and minimize the risk of errors.

The GreenState team is now tackling all the elements necessary to create the integration into Kinetic Data, which requires inviting a third party, SymXchange, to the system for added security. From here, they will break down all the different fields provided by Symitar and how those align with fields in Kinetic Data. We will then use SymXchange to line up this data for a seamless integration between the two systems. 

Future Opportunities

The success of the integration will open doors to future opportunities to use Kinetic Data to automate other portions of GreenState Credit Union’s manual processes. Using information already collected from one system makes it possible to reuse this data and processes across multiple systems already in GreenState’s ecosystem. 


This success story is a testament to the innovative spirit of our customers. By seizing the opportunity presented by the Hackathon, GreenState addressed a specific challenge and laid the foundation for future advancements. It highlights the adaptability and scalability of the Kinetic Platform, showcasing its ability to grow alongside the evolving needs of our customers.

In closing, we applaud our customer’s proactive approach and look forward to supporting them in their continued journey of leveraging technology to drive success. Stay tuned for more inspiring stories of innovation and empowerment with Kinetic Data.

How could your organization get more out of your Kinetic Data investment?

  1. Stay Informed and Engage in Events:

Keep a close eye on industry events, webinars, and conferences where emerging technologies and innovative solutions are discussed. Participate in hackathons, workshops, or similar events to stay informed about the latest trends. These platforms often present opportunities to identify challenges that can be addressed using Kinetic Data.

  1. Leverage Existing Kinetic Data Capabilities:

Assess your current usage of Kinetic Data and identify areas where its capabilities can be expanded or applied to new challenges. Understanding the full spectrum of functionality can help you see opportunities for innovation within your organization.

  1. Collaborate Across Teams:

Foster collaboration between different teams within your organization. Break down silos and encourage cross-functional collaboration to identify challenges that may benefit from Kinetic Data solutions. A diverse team brings different perspectives and can uncover unique opportunities for improvement.

  1. Proactively Identify Pain Points:

Actively seek out pain points and inefficiencies within your existing workflows. Whether through user feedback, regular assessments, or proactive discussions with team members, identifying areas that could benefit from automation or improved integration is critical to maximizing the value of Kinetic Data.

  1. Explore Integration Possibilities:

Regularly assess the technology landscape to identify potential integration points for Kinetic Data. Stay informed about compatible technologies and systems that can enhance your overall workflow. Proactively exploring integration possibilities ensures you’re ready to seize opportunities for improvement when they arise.

By following these tips, customers can proactively bring Kinetic Data to the forefront of their organization’s innovation efforts, identifying and addressing challenges strategically. This proactive approach ensures Kinetic Data becomes a versatile solution that continually adapts to the organization’s evolving needs.