Agent Release Notes v5.2.6: Agent Logs & Task Handlers

Agent Release Notes v5.2.6

Agent logs and Task handlers are now able to be downloaded from the Kinetic Data Platform console

Life just got a little easier for troubleshooting your Agent. We’re introducing  the ability for Agent logs and Task handlers to be downloaded from the Platform console!

Release Updates

Version 5.2.6 of the Agent was released with an update allowing Agent logs and Task handlers to be downloaded from the Platform consoles.  Only environments on version 5.2.6 of the Platform Console and version 5.2.6 of the Kinetic Agent will be able to download logs and handlers from the Agent.  Please note: this new feature does not apply to the System Agent, which is hosted within the Kinetic Platform or on Kinops.

In version 5.2.6 a bug was fixed that allows multiple Agents in the same domain to use a data directory configured to point at a shared drive.  Previous to 5.2.6 if multiple Agents attempted to share a single drive the first agent to connect would lock the log files preventing other Agents from starting.

Download Logs Feature

The logs can be downloaded from the Agent configuration modal.  The modal can be found at Space > Settings > Platform Components > Agents > Agent Configuration.

Agent Configuration Model

Clicking on the agent configuration (pencil) will open a modal.  There is a button in the modal for downloading the Agent logs.  If the Platform console version is > 5.2.6 and the Agent is not, then the button will be disabled.

Editing a Custom Agent

Download Task Handlers

The handlers will download as a zip file from the Agent in the same fashion they are downloaded from Workflow. In order to download a handler, it must already be deployed to the Agent.

To download a handler from the Platform console, go to Space > Plugins > Agent Handlers > select an agent from the Agent Slug dropdown > click on the handler definition name.

Plugins Example

Clicking on the Task handler slug will open the handler configuration view.  The handler can be downloaded from the button in the upper right corner.

Handler Configuration View

Multiple Agent Shared Data Directory Bug fix

The bug fix in version 5.2.6 allows multiple Agents in the same domain to use a data directory on a shared drive.  To enable the feature that allows multiple agents to use the same data directory add this java option -Dcom.kineticdata.agent.env.LOG_BY_INSTANCE_ID=true.

With the LOG_BY_INSTANCE_ID option set, the Agents will create a directory in the logs directory of the data directory.  The Agents will write to their respective directories using the unique Instance Id of the Agent.

Please let us know if you have any questions or feedback to share on this!