New Features: Bulk Submit & Copy Submissions

New Features: Bulk Submit & Copy Submissions

Kinetic Data outlining new capabilities we call ‘Bulk Submit’ and ‘Copy Submission API endpoint’

New Capabilities

With an eye towards constant improvements to make our amazing Builders more effective and efficient, the team here at Kinetic Data has been focused on two new updates for our v5.2 customers. We’ll be outlining new capabilities we refer to as “Bulk Submit” and “Copy Submission API endpoint” below:


Bulk Submit

As a builder in the Kinetic platform, you now have more flexibility and options when it comes to exporting and importing submissions depending on what your end goal is for that data.

Starting with exporting first, users will be able to export a CSV file for all submissions for a particular form, tracking progress along the way and providing file size information.

Once the CSV file downloaded, users can get the format of the file so you can then do the reverse and import submissions. If any data is missing or a column gets deleted, errors will be detailed that tell you what went wrong. Similar to  exporting the data, you will also be able to track the progress of the download. By only using the Import functionality, the platform acts as as the same as the Submission Patch endpoint, meaning it does not trigger validations or webhooks.

Bulk Submit is different in that it will trigger workflows and validations. Users can create or update submissions by importing CSV files. With the Bulk Submit functionality, it acts like calling the Submission Create or Submission Update API endpoint.

Copy Submission API endpoint

Another use case requested by our community that is in the works is the ability to copy submission requests. As a user, if you get tired of always having to fill out the form when all you need to do is make a few changes, your life is about to get easier!

This feature also allows you to copy attachments. No longer do you have to continuously track down those attachments – you can copy the submission and have it already be there.

In Summary

The new capabilities we’ve covered in this blog were designed to speed the end result, which is better workflow with better experiences for everyone. If you’re interested in learning more or talking about the path to upgrade to 5.2, we’re standing by, ready to help. We look forward to chatting with you!