What’s New in the Kinetic Platform V5

What’s New in the Kinetic Platform Version 5? | Kinetic Data

In our newest release, we’ve added enhancements we saw a need for in working closely with our customers. Find out what these improvements include.

Our mission at Kinetic Data has always been to make IT professionals heroes, and our newest release of the Kinetic Platform extends that objective. The focus in this new release was less on adding a “laundry list” of new features and more about making many of the capabilities already built into the platform simply work better.

It’s rewarding to hear our customers say things like “You’ve got the best service management tool in the market, and you’re not even on Gartner’s Magic Quadrant. We can do anything in your product. I think Kinetic Platform could take over our entire ITSM suite.” And: “I feel like Kinetic Platform is our best kept secret.”

So in the newest release, we’ve added enhancements we saw a need for in working closely with our customers. These improvements include:

    • Enhanced ability to “Get Under the Hood.”
      • A low barrier to entry for “citizen developers” (without cutting off power users and what enables you to make the system great).
      • Open technologies allow architects to get in and change the code.
    • “Repackaging” to reduce operational costs and for easier implementation across the enterprise.
      • There’s now less for you to build, configure and maintain out of the gate (although you can build and configure whatever you want).
      • For example: The Kinetic Platform is built around Kubernetes, allowing high availability– the ability (“out of the box,” without any additional coding) to upgrade without taking your system down.
      • Tried and true components are easier than ever; you don’t have to fight a system for enablement and security policies.

Our latest release enhances our features, and, as always, is built around the four pillars we believe contribute to digital transformation success:

    • Flexibility: Every feature of the Kinetic Platform can be tailored to the customer’s specific needs.
    • Openness: Built to empower citizen developers, and compatible with any other system.
    • Agility: The ability to start small, launch quickly, iterate, and scale rapidly.
    • Manageability: Enabling users to own their workflow, driving their own processes, pace, and productivity.

You can find more details in the official news release about the launch of the Kinetic Platform V5.

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