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Why Kinetic Data for the U.S. Military and DoD

The Kinetic Data Platform enables UnifiedOps. Simplifying work.  Accelerating decisions.  Continuous modernization requires a flexible framework which Warfighters can rely on and find easy to use, and one that separates the concerns between systems of record and business processes.

By separating these concerns and providing a modern, customizable, adaptable, and universal user experience, your infrastructure can continue to evolve based on best practices, avoiding vendor lock, and the velocity by which each Warfighter drives the mission compounds.

The Kinetic Data Platform is proven to deliver the right data to the right Warfighter at the speed of need, accelerating the delivery of force-multiplying effects.  We welcome the chance to work with your team!

Here, you can get the full story about who we are, what we’ve built, and what we’re about.  Please help yourself to the reference materials below and let us know if you have any questions.  We look forward to hearing from you.

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